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We listen to customers and provide speedy service.
Lambda Systems aims to remain a familiar presence for all.


Lambda Systems has been a pioneer of on-air graphics systems since its founding in 1984, and has seen its business grow on the strength of consistent hardware and software development.
We don’t just offer high-quality and user-friendly products; we also always stand by our customers. Going forward, we will continue to meet their needs reliably with innovative, flexible customization and full-scale support.
We value an attitude of taking on new technologies with limitless imagination, and hope to produce sustained development by leveraging our rich experience and achievements.

In January of 2006, the company became a member of Core Group, which specializes in embedded software development. We have been working primarily on technology development synergies ever since.
The company management policies outlined on this site have been newly established as part of our efforts to assimilate with the Core Group, and are positioned as our second founding.
We will make every effort to continue playing an important role for everyone as a business


To be a creative group with pride

For over 30 years, Lambda Systems has been dedicated to the development of on-air graphics systems. We believe that we provide services that satisfy each and every customer by pursuing the real-time representation of information to its limits. We do this using an integrated system that includes everything from planning and design to development and maintenance.
Since our founding, our enthusiasm for always facing new challenges head-on has never changed, and we will continue to be a proud manufacturing group that is socially conscious and puts customer satisfaction first.


To create significant added value

By combining our internally-developed hardware products with software that can take advantage of the high functionality of the hardware, and through innovative and flexible customization, we have improved various aspects of our systems. These include points such as the user interface, expressiveness, and quality that leads to stable operation. Our ongoing utility improvements to our on-air graphics systems are one of our efforts to evolve toward increased customer satisfaction.
Lambda Systems consistently creates significant added value through the integration of hardware and software.


To be a visual solutions company

The knowledge and technology that we have cultivated through the development of on-air graphics systems can be applied to a wide range of other fields, and we aim to build new solutions that are useful for society. In addition to the broadcasting field, we also have a vision of creating infrastructure that enables society to receive useful information through the internet, digital signage, two-way communication, and more. We aim to serve as a visual solutions company while also achieving a high level of sustainable development and social responsibility.

All Made by Us

In-house development, from hardware to software
Visual solutions, made possible by Lambda Systems

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Lambda's on-air graphics systems pursue new levels of "expressiveness," "efficiency," and "connectivity" in everything from ordering and production through to revisions and broadcast.
Versatility and high functionality allows for a variety of system configurations, which in turn enables video production that maximizes the expressive impact of each GRID.

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High-quality hardware that delivers unparalleled expressive capacity.
Peripheral devices developed to work with framebuffer GRIDs (which are used to produce high-quality video) and on-air graphics systems.

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By building all software in the cloud and sharing it, customers can access the software anytime and anywhere. It works regardless of whether it's through Windows, Apple devices, tablets, or other systems, which greatly increases accessibility. Furthermore, this makes efficient use of hardware resources, saves on space, and reduces system operating costs.


Company Name
Lambda Systems Inc.
November 30, 1984
¥20 million
Business Locations
  • Head Office:Core Second Bldg., 2-11-26 Sangenjaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo (TEL: 03-5787-3366)
  • Branch Offices:Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka
  • Sales Offices:Sendai
Business Activities
  • The development, production, and sales of on-air graphics systems for business use
  • Worker dispatch
Main Products
Full color framebuffer GRID series, Neo•n general-purpose telop system (on-air graphics system), various sports coders, state-controlled betting game news flash systems, L-shaped news flash telop system "e-Telop" (on-air graphics system), various dedicated on-air graphics systems, various TrueType fonts, original outlined fonts, JPEG 2000 chips, printer evaluation/inspection systems
Employees: 93 (excluding directors and contract employees) as of November 1, 2022
Kentaro Tamura
Senior Managing Director
Yoshitake Saito
Minoru Oya
Koshi Mizusawa
Yuji Koyama
Koji Suzuki
Toshiaki Nukaga
Mitsuo Toyoizumi
Ryohei Tanemura
  • MUFG Bank Shibuya Chuo Branch
  • Mizuho Bank Setagaya Branch
  • Joyo Bank Shinjuku Branch


  • 11/30 - Lambda Systems Inc. founded in Hiroo, Shibuya
  • CEO: Richard Kermit Hampton
  • Commenced development of 3D rendering software RAY-TREK and GRID-98 framebuffer for CG
  • Head office moved to Shirokane, Minato-ku
  • Yukimitsu Fujisawa appointed as CEO
  • Shipped first model of GRID-98
  • Shipped RAY-TREK
  • GRID-98 shipments exceed 100 units
  • Developed GRID-98II
  • Developed PALOT painting software
  • Developed and shipped Japan's first LAN-based real-time on-air graphics system (using GRID-98II)
  • Sapporo branch opened
  • Developed NEWS-II general-purpose on-air graphics software
  • Head office moved to Higashigotanda, Shinagawa-ku
  • Developed GRID-98II D
  • Total shipments of the GRID-98 series exceed 1,000 units
  • Developed full color framebuffer GRID-5
  • Developed NEWS-5 general-purpose on-air graphics software
  • Developed GRID-32, a GRID-5 with improved processing power and functionality
  • Developed NEWS-32 general-purpose on-air graphics software
  • Developed subtitle system for Windows
  • Osaka branch opened
  • IExhibited for the first time at the Inter BEE (International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition)
  • Developed GRID-32HD, an HD-compatible full-color framebuffer
  • Developed GRID-EX32 D1/VBS multi-plane framebuffer
  • Developed NEWS-32EX general-purpose software, compatible with GRID-EX32 functions
  • Total full-color framebuffer shipments exceed 1,000 units
  • Developed GRID-EX32HD framebuffer, the digital HD version of GRID-EX32
  • Nagoya branch opened
  • Developed GRID-SX32 single-plane, compact framebuffer
  • Developed GRID-MF32HDX multi-format / HD full-sized animation-compatible framebuffer
  • Head office moved within Higashigotanda, Shinagawa-ku
  • Yukimitsu Fujisawa appointed as Board Chairman, Mitsumaro Fujisawa CEO
  • Developed GRID-SX32 PCI card single-plane / SD framebuffer for PCs
  • Developed GRID-SX32HD PCI card single-plane / HD framebuffer for PCs
  • Developed Neo•n general-purpose on-air graphics software
  • Head office moved to Oi, Shinagawa-ku
  • Total shipments of full-color framebuffers (GRID-5 or later) exceed 2,300 units
  • Transferred all shares to Core Corporation and became a member of the Core Group.
  • Mitsumaro Fujisawa appointed as Board Chairman, Yuji Koyama appointed as CEO
  • 08/01 - Merged with affiliate IC Corporation
  • Nagoya branch moved to Naka-ku, Nagoya-sh
  • Sapporo branch moved to Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi
  • Developed GRID-MF/VMX 3D image output-compatible framebuffe
  • Developed "castScene" on-air 3D graphics creation editor for Neo•n general-purpose on-air graphics software
  • Developed the GRID-HEXA HDX series (multi-format / HD full-sized animation-compatible) board version framebuffer
  • Developed Chukeikun Hexsa, a GRID-HEXA card and portable on-air graphics system
  • Head office moved to Sangenjaya, Setagaya-ku (current location)
  • Exhibited for the first time on a cable TV show
  • Exhibited for the first time at the Beijing International Radio, TV & Film Exhibition
  • Developed the GRID-PENTA highly-utility (multi-format-compatible) and cost-effective board-type framebuffer
  • Started selling Chukeikun Penta, a built-in GRID-PENTA portable on-air graphics system
  • Juichi Ando appointed as CEO
  • Developed GRID-PENTA+c ("penta plus c")
  • Exhibited for the first time at the Qshu Broadcasting Equipment Exhibition
  • Sendai sales branch opened
  • Developed GRID-VEGA MF/VMX (3D image output-compatible) board-type framebuffer
  • Announced sports score display system for large video equipment in arenas
  • Developed 4K GRID-VEGA HD video-compatible on-air graphics system
  • Exhibited for the first time at the Tohoku Broadcasting Equipment Exhibition
  • Developed GRID-ZERO in pursuit of new scalability for 4K and 8K on-air graphics
  • Settled on new corporate message and logo in celebration of 30 year anniversary
  • Developed GRID-σ ("sigma") compact, high-performance board-type framebuffer
  • Yoshitake Saito appointed as CEO
  • Exhibited for the first time at the Kansai Broadcasting Equipment Exhibition
  • Started selling GRIDBOX
  • 4K on-air graphics system compatible with wide color gamut system ITU-R Recommendation BT.2020
  • Exhibited for the first time at the Live Entertainment Expo
  • 4K on-air graphics system compatible with HDR
  • Developed GRID-ZERO 12G-SDI model
  • Announced virtualization solutions
  • Became a subsidiary of Corenet International Corporation
  • Yukihiko Shin appointed as CEO
  • Exhibited for the first time at the Sports Business Expo
  • Kiyoshi Asakawa appointed as CEO
  • Kentaro Tamura appointed as CEO
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